Most Effective Employee Retention Strategies

Improving Employee Retention Strategies I’m  delighted that you’re here with me today  my name is Linda Janek and I’m the  president and CEO of talent guard and  talent guard is a full-service talent  management consulting & software company  but you’ll learn a little bit more about  us at the end of the presentation the  information that we’re going to be  talking about today represents a real  case study but what we’ve done is we  fictionalized the name under the pseudonym Medeco so it’s not a real company  but the story line is absolutely real so  we want to do that so it makes this  story and the issues and the problems  and the strategies more relevant for you

Employee Retention Strategies

so if you’re new to the webinar you’ll  see that it’s not your traditional  presentation actually I like to call  these weapons webisodes and it’s really  a story line so welcome and we’re going  to get started I’d like you to meet  Charlie Charlie is the director of  Western sales he’s a top producer he has  about  direct reports and he’s been  with the company for about two years.

Now  what it doesn’t say on here is that  Charlie represents about a quarter of  the company’s revenue which is  significant and the CEO paid huge  recruiting dollars to get Charlie into  this organization and steal him away  from a competitor so this is a guy that  that the company specifically wanted for  his skill set and his Rolodex and his  ability to drive revenue on the top-line  and Charlie works for a company a  medical device company called Medeco and  I’m just going to share a little bit  about the company so that you have some  context about the size and the problems  that or challenges I should say that  they were facing as they continued to  scale that company so they have about  employees their goal is to basically  double the company in terms of revenue  in five.

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